Protective Action:

  1. Campus Grounds:
    • Get out of open areas and into an enclosed building as quickly as possible upon the approach of the storm.
  2. Campus Buildings:
    • Stay indoors. Do not venture outside unless absolutely necessary.
    • Stay away from open doors and windows, metal objects, electrical appliances and plumbing until the storm passes.
    • Keep telephone use to a minimum.
    • Do not handle flammable liquids in open container.
    • TV sets, computer equipment, and all equipment and appliance should be unplugged, if possible.


Tornado Watch has been issued in an area near campus.

  • Monitor Emergency Alert Stations (See Emergency Phone Numbers section.) or NOAA Weather Stations (National Weather Service, Weather Channel).
  • Ensure no physical restrictions exist that would prevent free movement to your safe area.
  • Continue normal activities, but be alert to the weather condition.  Continue to monitor emergency alert stations.
  • Do not phone university police for information.  Keep telephones circuits clear for emergency messages.

Tornado Warning has been issued in an area near campus or tornado has been spotted near campus.

  • Seek shelter immediately.
  • Shut off gas.
  • Move students and staff to safe area.
  • Remind faculty to take class roster to evacuation site, if prompted.
  • Account for all students.
  • Remain in safe area until warning expires or until emergency personnel have issued an all-clear signal.
  • Stay clear of windows and other glass.
  • Avoid auditoriums and gymnasiums.