Student Unrest/Stabbing/Shooting

Student Unrest

  • Call 4-911.
  • Ensure the safety of the students and staff first.
  • Move students involved in disturbance to an isolated area.
  • Document incidents with detailed notes.


  • Take cover, if necessary. USE CAUTION.
  • Assess the situation; provide for your own safety.
  • If there are witnesses or others present, direct one of those individuals to call 4911 to summons immediate assistance.
  • If no one is available, personally call 4911 immediately, request medical assistance if necessary.
  • If vehicle is involved, attempt to identify (CYMBAL)
    • Color of vehicle
    • Year
    • Make
    • Body (two door, type of vehicle)
    • Anything else of importance (direction of travel, etc.)
    • License number
  • Attempt to identify the individuals in vehicle and/or the area.
  • Indicate the location of incident.
  • Do not disturb the crime scene.


  • Assess the situation.
  • Contact 4-911. Be prepared to:
    • Describe the situation.
    • Indicate whether the perpetrator has been identified and/or isolated.
    • Describe the injuries.
    • Give medical assistance until help arrives.
  • University Police will announce the All Clear.