If any Student/Staff Member is kidnapped

  • Call 4-911.
  • Lock all doors/ windows
  • Be prepared to provide a description of the kidnapper and person(s) kidnapped.
  • If vehicle is involved, attempt to identify (CYMBAL)
    • Color of vehicle
    • Year
    • Make
    • Body (two door, type of vehicle)
    • Anything else of importance (direction of travel, etc.)
    • License number
  • Refer media to Director of University Relations.
  • University Police obtains witness statements.


  • If kidnapper is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.
  • Call 4-911 immediately, Give dispatcher details of situation.
  • Be prepared to provide University Police with:
  • Number of kidnapper(s)
  • Description of kidnapper(s)
  • Type of weapon kidnapper(s) have
  • Number and names of person(s) kidnapped
  • Demands and instructions kidnapper(s) have given

If kidnapped:

  • Follow instructions of kidnapper.
  • Try not to panic. Calm students if they are present.
  • Treat the kidnapper as normally as possible.
  • Be respectful to kidnapper.
  • Ask permission to speak and do not argue or make suggestions.