Intruder-A Hostile person who enters classroom/office

  • Notify University Police at 4-911.
  • Ask another staff person to accompany you before approaching intruder.
  • Politely greet intruder, identify yourself, and ask the intruder the purpose of his/her visit.
  • Inform the intruder that all visitors must register at the University Police main office.
  • If intruder’s purpose is not legitimate, ask him/her to leave. Accompany intruder to exit.

If intruder refuses to leave:

  • Warn intruder of consequences for staying. Inform him/her that you have called police.
  • Notify police department if intruder still refuses to leave. Give police full description of intruder.
  • Walk away from intruder if he/she indicates a potential for violence. Be aware of intruders actions at this time (where he/she is located, whether he /she is carrying a weapon or package, etc.)
  • University Police will issue an All Clear when incident is under control.


  • If hostage taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.
  • Call 4-911 immediately, Give dispatcher details of situation.
  • Seal off area near hostage scene.
  • Be prepared to provide University Police with:
    • Number of hostage taker(s)
    • Description of hostage taker(s)
    • Type of weapon hostage taker(s) have
    • Number and names of hostages
    • Demands and instructions hostage taker(s) have given

If taken hostage:

  • Follow instructions of hostage taker.
  • Try not to panic. Calm students if they are present.
  • Treat the hostage taker as normally as possible.
  • Be respectful to hostage taker.