Crisis Communication

In the event of a crisis situation, the Office of University Relations at Nicholls State University will communicate vital information as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to provide the greatest safety for our students, faculty and staff.

The university will use a variety of communication methods to notify constituents of a crisis situation. Following an immediate crisis assessment, the appropriate means of communication will be determined and implemented. Based on the unique circumstances of the crisis, Nicholls will employ one or more of the following communication tools to notify its students, faculty and staff:

  • Web site: Notice posted to university home page and Blackboard
  • E-mail: Broadcast message to campus e-mail addresses
  • Telephone: Broadcast voice mail to campus extensions and posted to emergency alert hotline (985) 448-4636 and 1-866-709-8927
  • Text messaging: Broadcast message to cellular phones of students, faculty and staff
  • Media: Broadcast message on the university television and radio stations and media alert distributed to all area print and broadcast media representatives
  • Call boxes: Broadcast message to passersby
  • Public Address System: Broadcast message to occupants of the university student union and cafeteria
  • Siren System: Broadcast emergency siren and message to campus and surrounding area

Nicholls has an extensive Emergency Preparedness Plan in place that includes procedures to ensure a rapid response to a crisis situation. All crisis communication tools are tested and evaluated on a regular basis.

Nicholls offers free counseling services to all students, faculty and staff. Private counseling is provided by licensed counselors prepared to respond during crisis situations. For more information on the counseling services available to the university community, please visit